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Lynda Lee

Lynda Lee Macken grew up on Staten Island where her interest in the supernatural was fostered by a nearby haunted house. In 2000, the author founded Black Cat Press and published her first book, Haunted History of Staten Island, which remains the best-selling book about Richmond County, NY on

Following her sighting of Grace Brown's ghost floating over Big Moose Lake in New York State's Adirondack Mountains, Macken appeared on Unsolved Mysteries to detail her experience. The ghostly encounter inspired her to pen Adirondack Ghosts. In the process to understand paranormal phenomena the author went on to research, write and publish 25 additional regional ghost books highlighting the most haunted places in New York; New Jersey; New Hope, Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Maryland and Salem, Massachusetts.

In addition to her many radio and television appearances, Macken has consulted for Paranormal Borderline, Scariest Places on Earth, Psychic Kids, Ghost Hunters, PBS and the Travel Channel, among others.

The death of loved ones promoted further interest in the mystery of death and the survival of consciousness. Consequently, Macken published her first memoir, Array of Hope, An Afterlife Journal in 2008 which chronicles after death communications with her mother.

The author holds a Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Sociology from Rutgers University and lives at the Jersey Shore. Check us out on Facebook at Ghost Books